Dimensions of life

An interesting question to ask oneself is:

What are the major dimensions of your life?

If you look into you past, what are the areas that you have dived into, and which of these are active at the moment?

Making a brainstorm about this,
and writing it down,
can make you more aware of
yourself and where your focus are.

It could also be an interesting exercise,
to do this with other, and discuss the result.

The major dimensions that pops into my mind,
about my life in the past and the present, are:

  • *Software Development
  • *Dance/exercise/body
  • *Fatherhood
  • *Executive/business
  • Computer Science / Mathematics
  • Outdoor/nature/cycling/larp/swim
  • Design/making/2d/3d
  • Self-development/psychology/structure/discipline
  • Teaching/public-speaking/storytelling/writing
  • Religion/mythology/philosophy/mysticism
  • •Games/board/rpg
  • •Romance/women
  • •Social/conversational/dinner-parties/cooking
  • •Music/bass/piano/guitar

The * indicates that those are the most active ones.
The indicates the currently dormant ones.